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Curated by the editors of Chief Marketer, 5 Marketing Trends to Bet on in 2018 is a FREE online conference designed to arm you with tactics to help fine-tune your 2018 marketing plans. Sit in and learn how to:
Perform With Precision. We’ll bring you actionable insights on creating campaigns designed for the most coveted demographic groups that create the best brand experiences. 
Prove Marketing’s Value to the C-suite. Find out where marketers are spending their time and budgets in 2018. And the impact on ROI and sales, if you spend on the right trends.
Achieve with New Marketing Technologies. Hear how brands will tap into new technologies that will impact their growth. 
Sessions include:
11:00 AM – 11:15 AM ET: 2018 B2C and B2B Marketing Trends to Watch
Where will marketers be investing their time and budget in 2018? What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing B2B and B2C brands? The editors of Chief Marketer share an overview of our exclusive 2018 trend research.
Beth Negus Viveiros, Managing Editor, Chief Marketer
Patricia Odell, Senior Editor, Chief Marketer
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM ET Everything You Need to Know About Gen Z Optimization 
Gen Z and its younger cohort Generation Alpha are some of the most coveted demographics on earth. But their digital and real world consumption behaviors are drastically different than their slightly older Millennial counterparts. 
Nuances for creating campaigns that speak to these digitally native (but analog craving) kids. 
The latest data on what turns this generation on
What brands are really speaking Gen Z’s language
Michael Carey, EVP, Director of Client Services, Riddle & Bloom
12:15 PM – 12:45 PM ET: Content First Marketing: Tips, Ideas and Best Practices
Content now leads creative, execution and channel distribution across many marketing organizations. It can move the needle and generate results, too. Compelling content can resonate with both loyal customers and prospects alike—if you to know how to engineer your marketing strategy with a content-first mindset.
We’ll share:
Examples of content-first marketing strategies in action
Ideas on why content is an  increasingly imperative piece of any successful strategy
Ways to create, collect, curate and distribute content people will crave in 2018. 
Ana Cook. Senior Account Executive, Responsory
Grant Johnson, President and CEO, Responsory
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET: Mastering the Art of Experience Marketing 
Your brand might be doing events, but are they creating experiences? Millennials are known for craving experiences over things, and all humans possess a deep-seated drive to commune with one another as a group.
In this session:
Get up to speed on the rise of experience marketing and how it can impact ROI and sales
Understand the role content, technology and storytelling have in impactful brand experiences
Learn tips for infusing live experiences into your 2018 marketing portfolio 
Monique Townes, Senior Vice President, Citi Bank
1:45 PM - 2:15 PM ET: The 10 Marketing Technologies That Will Matter Most In 2018 
From personalization to machine learning to AI, AR and VR, this fast-paced trend spotting session will offer a sneak peek at the latest and greatest technologies that will impact marketing organizations most in the year ahead.
Predictions on how brands will tap into the latest martech trends
Where you should invest your tech budget for maximum ROI
What martech innovations will help your brand move the needle for increased engagement and conversion
Neenu Sharma, VP, Product and Marketing Operations, GE Digital
2:30 PM – 3:00 PM ET: Next-Gen Influencer Marketing: A Playbook for 2018 
Social media personalities today have more influence and reach than many media platforms, but you have to know how to strike the right balance between quality, quantity and finding that important “fit.”
Get the scoop on:
Tips for striking a partnership with influencers
Ways to create a content strategy that matches the right influencer with the right platform.
The differences between micro-influencers and mass influencers, and what role they can play in amplifying your marketing message
Ken Krasnow, VP, Digital and Consumer Activation, Sun Products Corp, Henkel


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  • 5 Marketing Trends to Bet On in 2018
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