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Content. It’s what fuels every brand activation and B2B marketing strategy today, both online and off. How can your brand create content that engages customers and prospects, and drives conversions and sales?

In this free virtual conference, content marketing experts from Cartoon Hangover, First Data, Lord Hobo Brewing and more will share:

  • Ideas for developing visual content that brings a brand to life
  • Killer tips for creating a content strategy on a budget
  • Ways to use content to connect with customers and employees
  • What’s breaking through now in content marketing
  • And more!


Session 1
Using Original Research to Fuel B2B Growth

Studies show that only 14% of business buyers think the thought leadership they read is "very good" or "excellent." But, it's never been more important to lead with thought. How do we get it right? In this session, "unapologetic marketing truth-teller" Katie Martell and Building Engines Head of Research Phil Mobley will share how they used original research to create content to fuel B2B lead generation, ABM, sales enablement, PR, and more. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at this effective campaign. Learn how to create content that not only resonates with business buyers, but compels them to trust your brand as a leader. 

Katie Martell
, On-Demand Marketer & Executive Director, Boston Content
Phil Mobley, Head of Research and Tenant Experience, Building Engines

Session 2
Aim for the Bullseye
Online animation channel Cartoon Network is the home for original cartoons and hardcore fans. The team is adept at developing original content and quality animation that translates to its marketing. In this session you will learn the brand’s top five content marketing tips, including using GIFs, the importance of making ‘lots of digital things’ and how to explore parallel audiences and generate associated content streams. You’ll walk away with tips on the importance of hype, anticipation and teasers and how to prove your brand’s worth.

Dan Toth
, Marketing Manager, Cartoon Hangover

Session 3
How Content Intelligence Can Drive Your (Marketing) Results
Content intelligence is bringing on the next revolution in marketing — one that will help you execute marketing and content strategies that engage your customers and prospects, and drive conversions at every stage of the buyer journey. No matter what you’re trying to achieve — more email opens, more traffic, more interactions or more revenue -- learn how content intelligence can give you the ability to drive better marketing results.

Marty Muse
, CEO, Vennli

Session 4
Building a Content Marketing Program from Scratch

Content marketing isn’t a new discipline, but it’s now become a given that content fuels both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Storytelling is essential to brands and their interactions with customers and prospects alike. But how and where do brands even start with their content efforts when the world is awash in content creation? It’s entirely possible to create a viable B2B content program from scratch with little resources and a lot of gumption. Learn how Lord Hobo Brewing Co. in Woburn, MA is creating a B2B content program.

James Furbush
, B2B Content Manager, Lord Hobo Brewing

Session 5
Using Content to Engage, Educate & Enrich Employees
End-users aren’t the only audience B2B brands need to target with marketing. Employees are also a key constituency, and vital to keeping customers happy. Discover how First Data’s MoneyNetwork create a multichannel content marketing campaign to help a large U.S. retailer encourage more employees to use its debit card/mobile payroll solution.

Mike Neumeier
, Principal and Co-Founder, Arketi Group

Euphemia Erikson, Vice President and Head of Product Marketing, First Data


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